I Recently bought an inline muzzleloader what do i need to get started shooting?

Obviously black powder, but what else will i need? It it a cva wolf by the way.

yes i have owned one for 3 yrs. i scoped with a tc aka nikkon 3by 9,, thompson center scope for muzzzleloaders,,,,the opti sites are poor that it came with,,,i put a sling on,,it i shoot pyrodex 50 grain pellts 2 of them and powerbelt bullets in 245 grain green tips,,of course primers note always dry fire a primer or two to foul barrell ,, i have had ione issue with it sometimes the action, will open if you are going through brush etc and you may loose you primer always carry a few in pocket!!!!!!,, have shoot 4 times and got 4 deer ,, great piece of equipment!!! ok tu eddie get rid of those bubble gum optic sights ok